Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Blame It On The Changes

It has been months since I have been on here, and I have decided it's about time for me to start writing again. So much has changed since my high school years. I went to Husson University for a semester taking liberal arts, and it wasn't for me. I was going to transfer to Eastern Maine Community College, but it was too late in the school year. I got some very good grades at Husson, so my dad decided to buy me a new car. It's an '06 G6 Pontiac Coupe, and I am in love with her. The only problem is...I have no license yet. After I left Husson, I got pretty bored at home and started fighting with my dad. That's when I decided to try moving out of my house and into a near by town with some friends and my boyfriend. Before I moved in, he asked me to marry him. We have dated since I was a freshman in high school, and have been on and off since then. We have had many ups and downs and a lot of drama but after all of it, we somehow manage to stay together. When I moved in with them....things started going downhill. We fought a lot and things were very tense. After months of that, I called off the engagement and moved out. Now, I'm living at home again. Lately, I've been trying to work on myself before jumping back into a relationship. I've been working out every day, drinking water, and eating better. Things are looking up. The next thing on my checklist is to get my license so I can get a job.

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