Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Old You

You know what I miss the most? The way my boyfriend and I were when we were first together. I got butterflies every times I saw him, we had so much passion in every kiss, and every touch of his hand excited me. I was so innocent and nieve. We used to leave school during homeroom even though we weren't supposed to. He used to buy me monster energy drinks almost every day because it helped me stay awake during classes, and he knew how much I loved them. He still has all kinds of cute letters I wrote to him on nights I couldn't sleep. Things just seemed so much easier back then...we never fought, we were madly in love, and there was nothing negative about our relationship. To say that there still nothing negative about our relationship would be a lie. He's supposed to be on anti-depressants but he hasn't found the time to get more. Without them he acts completely different, and he always has negative energy which I feed off of. I have broken up with him enough times that he has begun to lose trust in me. We have both lied to each other about very stupid things, and we need to work past it. We just need to be positive instead of fighting and looking at the downside of things. Life is good, we are in love, and no one else matters.

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